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Would You Like a Sales Strategy that works?

It’s hard enough to keep the customers we have, much less add new ones. The loss of one large customer can be devastating to any business. A small customer base is risky and lacks flexibility and a stagnating revenue base is unsustainable in the long term. Thus sales must always increase progressively if a business is to prosper.

But times are tough, so how will you do that? It’s dangerous to compete on price unless you have the size and resources to outlast your competitors. Which means you need to find another “niche” in which to compete. But it’s getting harder to find the customers. There are so many different options for them out there, and conventional advertising just doesn’t do the same job.

So you need an advertising strategy that works. Then once you get the customers, how do you optimise your sale process? The funny thing is that most customers like buying, but hate being sold to. So how do you make sales without being pushy? The secret is in communication. You and your staff need to understand how to connect with the customer, how to develop rapport, and how to build trust before the sale takes place.

But there’s not enough of you to go around. If you’re selling you can’t be working and managing, and if you’re working and managing, you can’t be out selling. And, if you sell ‘THE BIG JOB’, it means endless hours of your personal input. When it’s all over, there aren’t any sales behind the BIG JOB, or your customers have gotten tired of waiting for you and have gone someplace else. Your staff don’t have a sense of responsibility for your business and you can’t leave them to run the business for extended periods.

Or perhaps you are faced with the frustration of preparing countless quotes or answering endless questions, only to lose the potential customer to someone else who comes in with a bargain basement price? It seems the only thing today’s customers are interested in, is hammering us on price. Think how powerful it would be if you could discover how your quotes can be used to motivate customers to buy on value rather than on price alone.

We have the experience to assist you with your sales and marketing plans. We can also assist with web-page design, electronic marketing, and developing your social media presence. We can also help to integrate your marketing strategy with your business plan, and develop the Key Performance Indicators which will show you how effective your strategy is, and where it needs to change.

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