Regulatory Compliance

How Do You Ensure Regulatory Compliance?

This is one of the biggest issues facing business who do not have the capacity to employ staff to manage this ever increasing burden called Regulatory compliance. Ignoring this part of your business may impact many areas of  your operation including loss of contracts, legal action, closure of premises or fines and penalties causing immense hardship to your cash flow and reputation.

Regulatory compliance can cover a range of activities including how you instruct your staff to perform tasks, payment and treatment of staff, activity documentation, following Australian Standards or best practice, training programs, regular inspections/assessments, processes and policies and even record keeping.

We hear it every day, “how can we possibly manage all these rules and regulations when we don’t have the skills and the time to deal with them, we are busy enough.”  In most cases these issues are swept under the table unless there is an incident or an inspection has been instigated.

The fact is whether we like it or not, they are here to stay and it’s not going to get any simpler. The risk many business face is that even if they do care and attempt to implement the correct policy and processes to comply, as soon as it gets busy it’s all hands on deck and the process falls apart. If an incident happens where someone is hurt in the case of (WPHS) Workplace Health & Safety) it is too late to try to patch it up, you will be fined, you will loose valuable labour time and you will have to comply anyway on their terms not yours.

The solution many business owners are preferring is to have a specialist assist them in managing their businesses regulatory compliance. This is an effective way to cut to the chase and get processes and procedures in place quickly and effectively, freeing up your time to get on with business. This does not meant you getaway with no doing anything, you still have to maintain the programs but it takes the headache out of having to do it all yourself.

Some of the item that may come under Regulatory compliance are:

  • Work Place Health & Safety
  • Industrial relations
  • Business Reporting
  • Testing and manufacturing standards
  • Licences and tickets to operate eqipment or perform tasks
  • Evironmental

As you can see the list covers a wide range of points that involve daily business activities, so it is difficult to avoid the increasing need to cover your regulatory compliance.

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