Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management is critical to business success

Do you have enough cash to take advantage of opportunitities that crop up? 
Can you get discounts for payments in advance? 
Can you pay all bills when they fall due without wondering where the money will come from?

Cashflow is a major stress area for most SMEs.  Cashflow problems can result in high bank interest charges, difficulties in finding sources of supply for materials or stock and possibly insolvency.

Day-to-day operations – and sometimes even survival – can all come down to how we’re able to manage the inflow and outflow of cash:  our cashflow.  So how can you better manage your business cashflow?

Most businesses strive to turn a profit – after all, that’s why most of us have taken the plunge and gone into business for ourselves!  It can be hard graft, and certainly a challenge.  If you don’t have the working capital to conduct business activities, how are you going to survive?

While often the bane of start-up operations, even the most established and profitable companies are also susceptible to problems managing their cashflow.  Indeed, successful companies that are fast growing and most vulnerable.  The cost incurred to launch a new product, undertake an advertising campaign to generate leads or even win a new tender can take time to recoup through sales:  which can be the prefect recipe for a cashflow crisis.

Managing cashflow is a balancing act between your receivables and your payables.  And if you’ve not already realised, managing cashflow can be hard work.  The reason?  It’s because as soon as you engage in business with another company, you are automatically affected by their cashflow priorities.  And guess what:  they’ll be looking after number one first!

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