Business Structure

Do You Have Solid Business Structure?

When you first setup your business you may or may not have set up the business structure based on future growth of protection of assets and IP.

The structure of your business can be viewed within several different catagories:

  • Company Legal Structure
  • Hierarchy or Management Structure
  • Compliance Structure
  • Operational Structure

Each of these have their own specific requirements and functionality when it comes to your business process and development. For example the company structure determines the level and type of risk or liability you expose yourself to if something was to go wrong delivering your service or product. It can also have an effect on how you are percieved as a player in your market and also plays a part in rates of taxation and distribution of Funds.

The other business structures involve the way in which the business operates, who is accountable for the different functions of the business, how the business manages its obligations in regards to regulatory compliance and the operational factors of the business in regards to process and procedures, quality management and leadership within your chosen industry or market.

All of these have a bearing on the development and growth of your business, without the correct business structure you will find a the least you will not get the benefits you rightly deserve or at the other end of the scale leave yourself open to undesirable risk.

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