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Why Do I Need a Management Consultant or Business Advisor?

Business in 2011 is more difficult than ever. More business done over the internet, increased need for regulatory compliance, increased competition from overseas and larger companies dropping down into your markets chasing those extra sales, trying to compete against companies who drop their prices to undercut you, and the ongoing battle with acquire, train, manage, and retaine suitable staff.

With all this breathing down your neck, if you don’t have a program to improve and become more proficient in all the functions of your business, you will eventually run out of money and fold. But it won’t be quick and clean. You will slowly choke to financial death.

You will realise when you have reached that critical point in your business: you’re working hard but you never seem to get ahead, you’re spending less time getting things done and more time fixing things up, you might be busy but you worry about how you are going to make payroll or pay your bills, the employees are becoming more difficult to manage and the competition is focussing heavily on your customers and all they seem to care about is price.

It is a terrible time and the deeper you get; the more difficult it is to clearly see what is going on.

Most businesses reach this stage; some never recover and fall by the side of the road. It’s a shame when the owner is good at their trade, and if they had only asked for help a little earlier, we might have been able to save their business.

There are a few basic functions that we regularly see businesses needing help to understand and perform better at to achieve the next step in the maturity of their business, these are:

  • Business Structure
  • Cash Flow
  • Staff
  • Growing the business without working harder
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Marketing Plan
  • Sales Strategy
  • Transition to Retirement

Obviously these are not all the points but if you get this right you will have a good base to implement continuous improvement and tackle the other issues with confidence and focus.
This is where we add value to businesses the most, guiding, teaching and assisting in these areas of need sets a new line in the sand for the business and growth can be achieved with purpose.

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